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About the Compostech system

Compostech is an in-vessel drum composting system that mainly consists of 2 components: the machine and effective Microbe. The machine is available in different sizes to best suit our Customers needs. Our current Compostech CT Series Models:

CT10 (total capacity up to 10kg)





The recycling process requires a bulking agent, composed of several ingredients, inclusive of Effective Microbe (EM) that have the effect of turning the food waste into compost within 24 hours only.

Machines 3
Models CT200 and CT10

Compostech is Fast, easy and clean!


The recycling process is very fast

Compostech recycling process is fast. It takes less than 24 hours to turn the food waste into dry and powdery compost.

24 hours 2
Less than 24 hours


Compostech is so easy to operate

All our engineering efforts are made to facilitate your operations. Monitoring information are now available on touch screen, safety being our priority, the machine stops upon opening the loading door, etc. We also provide continuous trainings to the personnel in charge, until they are “hands-on”.

Propel loading


Clean recycling sites

With Compostech the garbage areas look cleaner than before since all the organic waste is now inside your machine. The system is hygienic. That is precisely the reason why our first customers were Hospitals with the hygiene factor in top of their requirements.

Sungai Perak
Clean composting sites


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