From Food to Feed!

Compostech turns food waste and into rich powdery compost within 24 hours only!

Academic Researches have shown that the compost produced by Compostech is of good quality as compared to other techniques available. For further details, please visit the following link:

With variations depending on the nature of the food waste, we estimate that 100kg of food waste loaded in the machine would produce approximately 15kg to 20kg of compost.

“Seeing is believing”, that is why we always recommend our customers to use their in-house compost in their own landscape. On top of beautifying their working environment, they will be able to share, in-situ, their experiences with their stakeholders, communities and friends. Compostech is a very practical tool that helps considerably when communicating on CSR Programmes achievements! It simply shows how “Food Waste Recycling” is really great!

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