We accompany you during your Compostech journey


Comprehensive practical Trainings

At Sumber Handal, we “grow with our customers” in a long term partnership. Because our main goal is to guarantee their highest level of our customer’s satisfaction. Our commitment is articulated into 4 dynamic phases :

1. Selecting the right size of machine

2. Identifying the most suitable location to operate your Compostech machine 

3. Ensuring smooth installation and trainings

4.Providing After sales services of highest standards


Practical training sessions

At Sumber Handal we work hand-in-hand with our customers, this is to give the most appropriate answers and solutions at any of these 4 stages of the projects. Our recommendations and proposals are based on our long and diverse experience in the food waste composting industry in Malaysia.

Training sessions with the Personnel in charge

As shown on the above photo, our training sessions involve mainly the Personnel in charge of the operations. The trainings are completed when the operators are sufficiently “hands-on” when running their machine .