COMPOSTECH is now available in Costa Rica!


Since January 2017, COMPOSTECH series of machines are distributed by our local Partner, 360° SOLUCIONES VERDES, based in San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, which is nested in the heart of Central America.


360° SOLUCIONES VERDES ( are well known Costa Rican specialists in Organic Waste Recycling Systems. Their team of Experts has identified COMPOSTECH as an additional solution to solve local issues pertaining to food waste management in Costa Rica and the region.

Our strategic partnership with 360° SOLUCIONES VERDES presents a unique opportunity for COMPOSTECH to tap new markets in Central, North and South America.

We are very excited and confident that COMPOSTECH partnership with 360° SOLUCIONES VERDES is the beginning of a very promising “Green” adventure.

As Costa Ricans say: “Pura Vida!”