About CSR and GBI

In line with CSR policies

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is becoming one of the top reasons our customers choose to equip with Compostech. Certainly because CSR programmes require to translate intentions into visible actions with social environmental impacts, which makes this operation often a great challenge.

Compostech is definitely a great option for those Organizations, Private or Public, that want to show to their stakeholders what actions they have taken in terms of “Green” CSR. Equipping with Compostech is a very practical way to translate “Green” CSR into action. Not only that, Compostech is also a tool that can be used for marketing purposes since you just need to organize a site visit at your Composting site to convince your audience on the impact of your Food waste recycling programme.


Compostech is GBI certified

GBI acronym stands for Green Building Index. It is the Official Malaysian “Green” label. ” The Green Building Index is Malaysia’s first comprehensive rating system for evaluating the environmental design and performance of Malaysian buildings based on the six (6) main Criterias of Energy Efficiency, Indoor Environment Quality, Sustainable Site Planning & Management, Materials & Resources, Water Efficiency, and Innovation.” (Official Brochure)


It is our great pride that Compostech was the first Food waste recycling system to be granted GBI certification in Malaysia (2012).

GBI Index