From Food to Feed


Compostech recycles food waste into compost.

Recycling metal, plastic, glass and paper is widely accepted today, these “Green” practices having already reached the General Public awareness as well as the interest of Private and Public organizations around the world. That’s very encouraging.

But much more can be done, especially with regard to Organic waste which still remains unpopular for obvious reasons. In modern cities trying to promote food waste recycling programmes, it is generally admitted that Food waste counts for more than 50% to 60% of the total Municipal Solid Waste. Yes, that’s not a good figure!

Fortunately solutions exist, and Compostech is one of them.

Compostech is a leading Malaysian technology that offers an alternative “on-site” solution: to recycle your food waste into organic compost, and this within 24 hours only. Please browse our website and galleries of photos to get a clear idea – in pictures – on how Compostech works to find out how this revolutionary system could benefit your Organization. Of course, feel always free to drop us an e-mail for further details.

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